We are dedicated to helping those in need.
If and when you find yourself suddenly in jail, you may find yourself with many needs. Jesus came into the world to save us all through His love and compassion, and we want to be an extension of His love by serving as a “tool” of accountability.  Grumpy’s Bail Bonds believes in trying to make a difference in everyone’s life, even if it is simply by having a listening ear, and a compassionate heart, and by getting you to Court so justice can be served.

We understand life circumstances can result in situations that can require help from others. We want to help provide you resources to rehabilitate you. Our resources will guide you on the process to a joyful and fulfilling life. We want to help you identify the resources available to address your needs.

We want to give back to our community.
That’s why Grumpy’s Bail Bonds supports the community by being members of the Chamber of Commerce and understands the value of being civically involved.  Grumpy’s sponsors everything in the community from ball teams to beauty pageants, from chicken wing cook offs to police galas.  If we have a dollar to spare, we share!

We host AA meetings and other alcohol and drug treatment programs. Additional programs may be available to assist you. Our staff can help you find resources to aid you along your journey with:

• Alcohol Treatment
• Drug Treatment
• Job Assistance


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