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Grumpy's 'Bond Girl' Overcomes Bingeing And Purging

Date: 5/16/2015

An article by Brad Schmitt at The Tennessean:

Leah Hulan and her stepfather fought all the time, and once in a great while, Hulan won. Like the time she stared down her rabbit stew all night long.

Hulan grew up on a farm and fell in love with the animals her family raised, especially those calves she named and bottle fed from birth.

Her stepfather, with no explanation for his stepchildren, would slaughter those animals for food — and he ordered the kids to do the same, Hulan said.

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  grumpys custom bus photo
grumpys custom bus photo  

Leah "The Bond Girl" Made the news!

Date: 1/30/2015

Here's an excerpt from the article by Karen Parr-Moody:

"But anyone who has seen Hulan’s glamorous photos would think she’s on her way to a fundraiser or a Faith Hill concert, not working with SWAT teams. Those glamour shots are familiar to many Clarksvillians, who see the former beauty queen splashed across the bright pink bus that rolls around town advertising Grumpy’s"

Read the whole story on Clarksvillenow.com

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