Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of bail?

Modern day “bail” closely resembles England’s medieval system, designed initially to keep the King’s peace, which placed responsibility of the defendant to a tithing or township to ensure that the accused would appear before the Court.

What is the bail process today?

Once someone is arrested and booked on a criminal charge, that person may be held in jail for trial unless he furnishes a required bail amount in order to secure release.  This amount is set by a magistrate in accordance with the seriousness of the offense and the flight risk involved in order to ensure that the charged individual appears at court to respond to the charges. Bail may be posted in several ways – usually in the form of cash, property, or a professional bonding company. Grumpy’s highly recommends opting to use a professional bonding company to post a secured bond. Making the right choice to use Grumpy’s Bail Bonds not only satisfies the bail amount but also warrants almost immediate release for only 10% of the required bail. This costs the taxpayers nothing and in fact saves the taxpayers much money.

How do I make bond?

Call Grumpy’s Bail Bonds (877-GRUMPYS) any time day or night, and Grumpy’s will coordinate the execution of your bond – normally by meeting you and your co-signer at the jail and entering into a contractual agreement. The bond fee or premium is normally 10% of the entire bond plus a tax.

Why should I use a bonding company instead of posting
a cash bond myself?

Posting a cash bond will require you to post the full amount of the bond yourself in cash in order to get out of jail, instead of just paying the 10% of the bond to a bonding company. Most people are eager to get out of jail the fastest and the cheapest and using Grumpy’s Bail Bonds is the most effective way to address both of these issues.

What are my obligations while on bond and for how long?

Specific obligations include appearing at court on time to all scheduled court dates, paying the 10% of the bond in full, notifying the bonding company of any arrests while on bond, notifying the bonding company of any address or telephone number changes or traveling outside of the jurisdiction, and keeping in regular communication with the bonding agent. You are liable to the bonding company, and consequently the bonding company is responsible for you, until there is a final disposition in the case.

What happens if I miss a scheduled court appearance?

Normally, if you miss a court date the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest, revoke your bond, and notify the bonding company to locate you and take you back to jail. However, if you missed your court date due to extenuating circumstances, Grumpy’s will do everything we can in order to help you resolve your problem without revoking your bond and getting a new charge. Communication is the key! Always maintain great communication between you and Grumpy’s.

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