You’ll Be “HAPPY” When You Call Grumpy’s Bail Bonds

“One call gets it all!” We are ready and eager to help, so our local agents are standing by waiting for your call.

“In jail, need bail?” Call me, I’ll set you FREE! We care about YOU and empathize and sympathize with the plight of the accused. We treat everyone with respect and dignity and hope being bailed out of jail can be a life-changing positive experience.

“If you get busted, call someone trusted.” Grumpy’s has been in business for over 15 years and is the largest privately owned bonding company in TN serving 34 counties with 7 offices.

“We doze, but never close!” We are open 24 hours a day EVERY day.

“We want your feet back on the street!” That’s why we work with everyone! We offer payment plans and discounts.

“You ring, we SPRING! “ WE have local bail agents in every county who can meet you at the jail within minutes.

“Bail YES! “Members of the Tennessee Association of Professional Bail Agents and the Professional Bail Agents of the United States, all Grumpy’s agents have been certified and approved by the Court and attend continuing education classes every year.

“No matter the crime, we’re here all the time!” Grumpy’s agents attend court proceedings daily in order to stay well informed and to help you wherever needed in the hopes of preventing any mistakes that may affect YOU.


…We believe in the right to bail!

…We believe in Tennessee, its people and its businesses that we serve daily by providing the fastest, friendliest, and most affordable professional bail bonding service in the state.

…We believe in and support all law enforcement and are thankful for and respect the difficult job they do every day in preserving the peace and protecting all Tennesseans.

…We believe in justice, and we are confident in and support the state’s judicial system
and process.

…We believe in our community and our local and state government, and feel it is our duty and responsibility to be politically and civically involved.

…We believe in helping those in need by addressing real problems and by serving as a “tool” of accountability with love and compassion and firmness.

We don’t believe…that everyone should
be bailed out of jail.

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